About Us

Their rookie season saw them compete in BAFAs (British American Football Association) 2015 Sapphire Series, the UKs full contact women’s competition. Women’s Contact has since grown to a 7v7 format over the years, and saw the league extended to a two tier system with a Division One and Division Two in 2016, each with a North and South conference. After seeing a further growth in participation in 2017/18, all divisions were moved to the 7v7 format which is the format that we play today, known as the National Women’s Football League (NWFL)


Achievement’s and Honours

  • 2015 The first all-women’s full contact team in Scotland. Ranked 9th in UK.
  • 2016 Division 2 - North Champions. Ranked 7th in UK
  • 2017 Having moved from 5v5 to 7v7. Ranked 5th in UK
  • Two players called up to play for Great Britain and Represent at World Championships in Canada.
  • 2018 Ranked 7th
  • 2019 Ranked 4th in UK
  • Further call ups to play for Great Britain and represent at the European Championships held in Leeds


Peffermill Playing Fields
Laurie Liddell Clubhouse,
Peffermill Rd,
EH16 5LL

Sunday - 09:00 - 11:00